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Coffman Systems is on the job for you.

Backed by a solid history and a long line of industry innovations, Coffman Systems is ready to create a custom wastewater treatment solution for you. You have plenty of reasons to rely on Coffman Systems. Here’s the short list:

Dependable results: Precision performance is built-in to every Coffman solution.

Significant savings: From engineering, equipment cost, and installation to site construction and operating costs, you’ll get everything you need while staying within your budget.

Safe and sound: All Coffman solutions meet OHSA regulations, ensuring safe access by all personnel. Coffman Systems participates with Civil and Consulting engineers, as well as the public and private sectors, in meeting the demands of Federal, State and Local regulations for controlling air and water pollution by providing custom engineering support and design services.

Easy on the eyes: Get a customized look that fits right in with your site architecture.

Easy to use: All controls and components—manual, automatic, local, remote—are right where you need them for easy access.

Light care and feeding: Minimal housekeeping will keep your system neat and clean. Plus, operators and plant maintenance personnel will find it easy to access all operating parts—no special tools required.

Made-to-order: Standard components, combined with your individual specifications and installation requirements, delivers a custom-built solution that can be used for all chemicals used in water treatment and wastewater plants.

Flexible and functional: With Coffman slakers, any type or grade of quicklime, from fast-acting soft-burned material to low-calcium rotary or vertical kilned quicklime can be used. The built-in ability to adjust all the important slaking variables enables Coffman slakers to operate accurately and consistently over a wide range of water-to-quicklime ratios, reactor slaking temperatures, retention times, and feed rates.

Changes with you: Coffman units can be located anywhere on your plant site or even remote—plus can be easily moved and expanded as your needs change.

Durable: The entire unit is weatherproof and, if required, can be made explosion-proof.
One source you can count on: If you’re using Pebble Quicklime, Hydrated Lime or Potassium Permanganate, look to Coffman for all your systems design, engineering, components, and services.

Satisfaction guaranteed: All Coffman systems come with a full factory warranty, including equipment and service, that lasts one year from start-up or fifteen months from factory shipment.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Coffman only sells equipment as a working system with accessories to allow operation of the slaker at maximum efficiency for your process.

See for yourself why hundreds of companies and municipalities choose Coffman Systems. Call 813-891-1300 today.

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